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Kansas City's Most Advanced Termite Protection.


Canyon Creek is focused on provide quality Turf care and Pest control. Our programs are designed to protect your Turf, Landscaping and home. We provide better services with better results guaranteed!

the most reliable, fast-acting method of termite treatment!

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Gain proven results by eliminating the entire colony. Trelona bait stations are installed around the perimeter of your home and contain a cellulose material that is highly preferred over wood. Each Always Active bait tube has enough power to kill millions of termites.


Trelona starts eliminating the colony as soon as termites are exposed to the bait. Wood consumption can be cut in half in as little as 2-3 weeks. Depending on the size of the colony it could be completely eliminated in 90 days.

Trelona requires no concrete drilling and is the most non-intrusive method available. 

Each bait station can be installed every 10-15 feet apart around the perimeter of 

a home, garage, shed, tree stumps, wood piles, or any other possible source of food to 

termites. Every Trelona station is locked and tamper resistant for your protection.

Buying a home with termites? Call Canyon Creek for the most advanced treatment available.

Providing Termite and Pest Control services for Johnson County, KS and the Kansas City area. Termite services provided in Kansas and Missouri. 


Trelona ATBS has been proven as one of the most rapid methods of termite treatment, compared with competing products such as Sentricon®. In a university study, ATBS systems were placed within 0.5 meters of a termite colony, alongside other pest control bait stations. In only 33 days, 85 percent of the termites were detected and eliminated by the Trelona ATBS, while less than 50 percent were found by its competitor.

Proper pest control is about more than just exterminating individual insects; you need to ensure that the colony has been completely removed. Otherwise, they will eventually reproduce. The Trelona ATBS uses a highly attractive bait mix to lure in large numbers of termites, who then spread the pesticides on to the rest of the colony, eliminating the infestation and ensuring that your property will be pest free in the future.

Johnson county/ Kansas city termite service. Inspect, treat and maintain your home with Canyon Creek

Paying for Termite protection already???

Find out exactly what you have been paying for.  We provide a permanent solution with our program.  We will eliminate any termite activity then continue to provide protection.

Other Termite companies charge more money to "Inspect" or "monitor"  your home every year. Why wait for damage to occur? 


Annual Termite Bait Stations

Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Leawood, Overland Park Termite control.
Termite treatment

How do Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations work?

- Due to its large and innovative station design, termites find Trelona ATBS bait stations fast. Termites feed upon the cellulose matrix within Trelona Compressed Termite Bait, which termites prefer over the wood used in homes. Termites travel back to the colony, sharing the bait containing novaluron, a fast-acting chitin synthesis inhibitor. As a result, Trelona ATBS achieves on-going structural protection through colony elimination.

For the most reliable, fast-acting, and least disruptive method of termite treatment, there’s no better option than Trelona® Advance Termite Bait Stations

How to protect your Ash Tree?

Canyon Creek has treated countless numbers of Ash trees in the Kansas city area with great results.  Your tree is worth saving and we will save you money. We use TREE-AGE to protect against the Emerald Ash Borer beetle. TREE-AGE is the #1 product available to protect you Ash trees. 


 Ash tree protection In Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Leawood, Overland Park and surrounding Johnson County areas.

About Us



All of Canyon Creeks services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and performed by professional exterminators who are certified, insured, and qualified to complete services at your home or business. Whether you live in Kansas or Missouri, you can trust Canyon Creek to take care of your Turf and Pest control. Your pest control service will be completed by a uniformed employee, using environmentally friendly products that are extremely effective. We will implement unique solutions for your home to eliminate pests and prevent them from ever happening again. Pest and termite infestations can occur at any time of the year so regular pest management is a wise investment.


Turf & Pest control combined

Our combined program provides our customers with increased protection, longer residual control and a better value.

Trust us with all of you Turf and Pest control and you will see the difference.  

Our combined program provides 6 pest control applications per year. We protect your property, Landscaping and home during every fertilizer application visit.

As with all of our program they are guaranteed and we will return to retreat your home in between visit at no charge.

Our competition only provides 4 applications per year


Canyon Creek uses the most effective product on the market.

Canyon Creek has great results in protecting Ash trees in Johnson County. Our Ash injects are the most effective available. 

Treat your trees and keep them.

Find out more information by clicking below. 

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Pest Control

Termite control with our annual termite bait stations. Canyon Creek is Kansas City's  advanced Termi

Our quarterly treatments include:

- Blanket turf application

- Exterior foundation walls treated

- Bait box inspected & refilled

- Treatment of landscape beds with insecticide

- Spider webs and wasp nests removal during each vist.

We use the safest and most effective pratices available to ensure the safety of your pets and family.


Canyon Creek provides a GREEN solution for interior pest control. Our bait system does not use chemicals or toxic products. Our non-poisonous bait system catches Mice, Snakes, Crickets, Bats, Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Lice, Roaches, Spiders and other potentially Disease transmitting insects.

Professional Services


Canyon Creek takes pride in our professionalism and education.  We maintain a working knowledge of changes in our industry as well as our products used. 

Turf & Landscape treatments

Fertilizer / Weed control

  • Early Spring - Apply pre-emergent fertilizer and heavy nitrogen feed with crabgrass prevention
  • Late Spring - Additional application to further prevent crabgrass and foxtail with broad leaf control
  • Early Summer - Fertilizer with weed control
  • Grub Control - Season long control to stop grub activity
  • Late Summer - Apply broad leaf control with spot weed spray to kill any remaining crabgrass and nutsedge
  • Fall fertilizer- Sustains growth while also rebuilding turf after the summer stress. Includes broadleaf weed control as needed.
  • Winterizer - ensure early-spring green-up and better rooting and tillering by helping your lawn develop a large food reserve for the winter.

Mosquito Control

Our barrier yard spray eliminates mosquitoes and ticks from your yard all spring and summer long. Protect your family from Lyme disease and other mosquito and tick borne illnesses that are an increasing concern. Our applications last up to 4 weeks and is safe for people and for pets – and it is environmentally safe as well.  

Protect your family from 

- Zika

- West Nile

- Lyme disease

We also offer special event sprays for weddings, picnics, home BBQ’s, birthday parties, graduations,

Tree and Shrub care

Canyon Creek provides a tailored approach to give your trees and shrubs exactly what they need to flourish.

Our programs protect your investments from these damaging insects

  • Ash Borer
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Mites
  • Aphids
  • Scale
  • Lacebugs
  • Webworms
  • Sawflies
  • Bagworms

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

Treat and protect an Ash tree before its too late.

Canyon Creek Provides the most efficient treatments available. For complete information please visit our EAB link. ashtreatments.com

Drainage solutions


Are you have problems with drainage? We provide several options to protect your home from water damage.

Landscape & Holiday Lighting


We provide custom design and install for landscape and seasonal lighting. Our LED landscape systems provide value, security and beauty. 



Verticutting, Aerating and over-seeding. Contact us for a turf inspection to determine which services would benifit your lawn.

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Landscape Design and Install


Ready to increase your homes curb appeal? From a complete tear out or simply spruce up. Canyon Creek provides full landscape services.






Landscape Lighting


Professional outdoor landscape lighting adds beauty, character and safety to your home.path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the unique styling of your home’s outdoor lighting, while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.